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Koran, So Long A Letter And The Symposium

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by Gabe pollowIn the fall semester of our Preceptorial class we covered many books that represented strong points about many issues. Many of these books took place in history a long time ago, although this is true they seem to be timeless. I have learned a great deal throughout all of the readings, and changed […]

Romeo and Juliet


In this essay, I will examine and describe the relationships of Juliet – the sweet girl who is in love with Romeo, Nurse – who is the minder of Juliet, Mercutio – Romeos dear friend and Tybalt- who is an enemy of Romeo. These characters are all from the play Romeo and Juliet, which is […]


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African Americans In The South


As a social and economic institution, slavery originated in the times when humans began farming instead of hunting and gathering. Slave labor became commonplace in ancient Greece and Rome. Slaves were created through the capture of enemies, the birth of children to slave parents, and means of punishment. Enslaved Africans represented many different peoples, each […]

The Clown Of 12Th Night, Feste


In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the character Feste is what you might call a clown. In the script he is sometimes called the Fool, and he may present himself as that. He is the comic relief for the serious scenes, although sometimes he will provide the serious subject matter himself. Feste also seems to somewhat […]

The Great Houdini


Word Count: 1152The performer known world wide as HarryHoudini was born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest. Although Houdini often claimed to be born in Appleton,Wisconsin, Houdini actually came to the United States whenhe was four years old. To this day many connected with thesmall town of Appleton still claim the untruth that Houdiniwas born […]

Amidst the pages of Tennessee Williams play, A St


Amidst the pages of Tennessee Williams play, “A Streetcar Named Desire,”countless opinions and themes can be speculated upon. This can be said asWilliams is noted for his great ability to create believable characters. Several themes present in “Streetcar” are the dependency on men, fragilityof women, and distorted senses of reality. One of the main characters,Blanche […]

British ColonialismFile Name: British Colonialism


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4)The Application of Science to Engineering


Improvements in engineering are very important to the industrialization and prosperity of a country. Although engineering improvements sometimes come through trial and error they are most often achieved by applying pure science and mathematics to engineering. Canadian engineering was improved a great deal in this manner. The engineering associated with building materials and long distance […]

My ‘Five Selves’


My five selves are physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual. My physical self is quite healthy because I fulfill the requirements of the FITT principle. The letters of FITT represent frequency, intensity, time and type. My intellectual self is interesting because I am mainly right-brained which means that I tend to use my creativity more […]