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Malcom x

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A black militant, Malcolm X championed the rights of African Americans and urged them to develop racial unity. He was known for his association first with the Nation of Islam, sometimes known as the Black Muslims, and later with the Organization of Afro-American Unity, which he founded after breaking with the Nation of Islam. Malcolm […]

Violence in Sports


With the increase in society taking a stance against violence by many people, sports has become an areawhere some feel that the violent acts such as the hitting and fighting that occurs should be eliminated. You can not change something that has been around for so long because it would change the aspect of thegame […]

Greek gods


Parallelisms between Greek and Roman Mythology have many similarities between them. Each type has there own set of Gods and Goddesses, although they were worshiped for similar reasons. The following will explain each God or Goddess and explain how they compare to each other. The King of Gods in Greek Mythology is known as Zeus. […]



Leonardo PisanoI researched a scientist or rather a mathematician that made contributions to his discipline such that they have affected a majority of the people that have lived on this earth since his time. His name is Leonardo Pisano. It is hypothesized that Leonardo was born in the town of Pisa which is in modern […]

Table of Contents


I.What are black holes?II.Where do they come from?III. Interesting facts about black holes. IV. How are they discovered?A. X-ray EmissionsB. Exotic Energy SourcesC. Star speedsD. MasersE. The Baseline ArrayF. Hubble TelescopeG. SatellitesV.Quasi-Stellar RelationsVI. LocationsA. M87B. Milky WayC. AndromedaD. ??????E. NGC 6240F. A0620-00What are black holes? Black holes are the remains of a massive star that […]

Bluing: Miles Davis Plays The Blues, Album Review


Miles Davis, from his beginnings as a nineteen-year-old kid in 1945 New York City, to his final days in the early 1990s, is to be considers one of the jazzs best. The 1996 album entitled, Bluing: Miles Davis Plays the Blues, the engineers at Prestige Records bring Miles Davis back to life. Packed with over […]

Nebuchadnezzar and the Creation of Dissedence


The artist of the piece to be examined, “Nebuchadnezzar”, painted in 1795, is the Romantic poet, author, artist and theorist William Blake. I viewed the piece on Monday 27 September 1999 at the Tate Gallery in Westminster. The piece is a colour print finished in ink pen and watercolour on paper. (See Figure 1)The subject […]

Control As Enterprise: Reflections On Privatizatio


n And Criminal JusticeThank you very much for the welcome, and for giving my talk. When the Fraser Institute called me last year, they rang up and said they were having a conference and we would like to invite you, and I thought I think you have the wrong person. Basically, everybody else there, except […]

A Raisin In The Sun


Quests Not DreamsA Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is the story of black family living in the south side of Chicago. Each member of the family has a dream, a dream that has been put off for some reason. The storyline revolves around an insurance check for $10,000. The check belongs to Mama […]

George Bernard Shaw And His Short Story About The


Cremation Of The NarGeorge Bernard Shaw and His Short Story About the Cremation of The Narrator’sMotherIn a written exerpt from a letter about the cremation of his mother,George Bernard Shaw recalls her “passage” with humor and understanding. Thedark humor associated with the horrid details of disposing of his mother’sphysical body are eventually reconciled with an […]