Huckleberry Finn

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The character Huck Finn, portrayed in the classic novel Huckleberry Finn
by Mark Twain, is a fun loving and adventurous young man. Only Mr. Twain
knows his exact age, as it is never mentioned once in the novel. We can only
guess that he is in his early teens. Mr. Twain also does not give an accurate
description of Huck in the book either. Judging from the many things that he
does, you can tell that he is neither a muscular person nor a skimpy weakling. He
has the physique of a run of the mill country farm boy.

The narration of this novel is very interesting. I liked how they reproduced
the southern vernacular in its true form. “En wid I fetch’ her a slap side de head
dat sont her a-sprawlin. pg156″, although it is very hard to understand, it
adds to the overall experience of reading this book. This book is also narrated
from Huckleberry Finns point of view. This makes the book more interesting at
times because you actually can tell what Huck is thinking during given situations.
He is also a very literal narrator, He tells everything as accurately as he can and
never really exaggerates the situations to any remarkably big extent. This is also
a very humorous book and Huck, being very literal minded, has no sense of
humor. He doesn’t get the punch lines to jokes or funny situations”when the
drunk man was riding a horse, he thought that he was not really an acrobat.”
Also, he took the age old joke about where mosses was when the lights went out
seriously. This also makes him such an enjoyable character and makes the book
so enjoyable to read. Just that at times he can seem like an idiot, like when he
really belived, for quite a while, that genies existed and that he could rub a lamp
and get his wishes granted. I like this narration style because it really helps you
to get to know Huck from his internal actions and reactions. It’s hard to tell a lot
about a character by how he talks sometimes, that’s why I prefer this narration
style to others.

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It seems that Huck has a very strange personality. I would describe his
personality as “free”. He does everything he wants and nothing seems to stand in
his way for long. He definitely wouldn’t be considered a “proper” young man by
today’s standards. For instance, he prefers to wear tattered, loose fitting, rags to
nice clean cloths. I guess it goes along with his personality. He also prefers to eat
differently than we would. He likes all of his food to be mixed up in one pot,
compared to the “normal” way of eating with different dishes and food on
separate areas of our plates. I would consider Huck to be more of an
outdoorsman. He loves to be outside with nature and doesn’t like to be indoors
that much. In fact, in the book he is never really inside on his own free will. He
would rather be outside on his adventures. He likes the simpler way of life.

Huck’s personality is also very adaptable. He is a country boy at heart but
adapted to the high class living of the Widow. He can then quickly adapt to living
in the woods with Pap, or on a raft with Jim. He could even adapt to living with
the Grangerfords. He seems to act very natural during these different situations.
This helps him function and interact with others more easily.

At times Huck doesn’t show very good common sense or compassion.
Like when he teased Jim when he was locked up in a cell. They would give him a
ladder to escape, but he was in a one-story cell. Then they would give him chains
because if he was jailed up he should be in chains. They also gave him pieces of
metal to make into saws to cut himself out. They could have just given him a
saw! We were not required to read these chapters because they did not fit in the
book at all and were just a waste of space because it didn’t accurately portray
Hucks personality. Huck would not have left him in there for so long. Many critics
of this book have also said that these, and other, chapters have no place in this

He did show compassion many times in the novel though. Mostly towards
the end. Like how the king and the duke try to swindle the wilkes money and he
steals it and then gives it back. He also could have just kept the money and
bought him a lot of nice things, but he mostly knows right from wrong, and taking
their money was not right in hucks eyes.

As I was reading Huckleberry Finn since we received the book, I have
come across many feelings about this character. liked some of what I read and I
didn’t like many other parts. I felt that Mark Twain didn’t keep things consistent
enough. This book is a good book, but clearly could have been a lot better. I
didn’t like the way Huck behaved during a few chapters of the novel. They
sometimes made absolute no sense and didn’t fit in with the novel. They could
have easily have been left out of the book and it still would have been a classic.
They way Huck behaved in the aforementioned paragraph was clearly not
thought out the way the rest of the book was. Huck is one of America’s favorite
fictional characters and I can see why, for most of the book.

Overall, Huckleberry Finn is a superbly written character. Despite how
simple minded he may seem, he has a few qualities that are lacking in modern
books, and from books of the time. He is the main reason that this book is such
an enjoyable experience to read, and I’m sure that it will be loved for many years
to come.


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