Weetzie Bat

November 7, 2018 0 Comment

By: Sam Cascy
Characters: Weetzie Bat Dirk Duck My secret agent lover man Grandma Fifi Charlie and Brandy Setting: Hollywood and Venice California area Plot: Weetzie and Dirk meet in high school and become best friends, soulmates. Dirk confesses to Weetzie that he is gay, so they set out together to find ideal Ducks (boyfriends, lobers). Brandmother Fifi gives Weetzie a magic lamp in which a Genie grants her three wishes. She wishes for an ideal Duck for Dirk, a My Secret Agent Lover Man for herself and a little house to live in. All three wishes come true. The four of them live in the house together but in sevearl subplots, they have problems that spliet them apart. They finally end up altogether again and Weetzie realizes she may not know “happily ever after”, but she does know “happily”.
Word Count: 137


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